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Colostrum Management For Calves
Animal Breeding
Sudipta Ghosh1, Biswajit Roy[1], K.K.S. Baghel[2], Giridhari Das[3], Malay Kr Mandal[4] and S. Koley[5]

Draft Animal Power – Our Nation’s Wealth
Animal Breeding
M.G. Shisode 1, S. M. Bhokre 2, M.D. Kulkarni 3, and A.V.Khanvilkar

Prospects Of Mithun Rearing As Viable Component Of Livestock Production System Of North East Hill Region
Animal Breeding
Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Anupam Mukherjee and C. Rajkhowa

Economic Impact, Diagnostic Investigations and Management of Protozoal Abortions in farm Animals
Farm Managerment & Diseases
P.D. Juyal, M.S. Bal, L.D. Singla

Economically important production diseases of dairy animals
Farm Managerment & Diseases
Dr.Neelesh Sharma

Estimation of Milk Urea Level as a Potential Tool for Dairy Herd Management
Farm Managerment & Diseases
Dr. K.K.S Baghel

Mastitis: Important production diseases of dairy animals
Farm Managerment & Diseases
N.A. Sudhan1 and Neelesh Sharma2

Reproductive Health Management for better Conception Rate
Farm Managerment & Diseases
Kulkarni, M.D.1, Ambore, B. N 2. Shisode, M.G.3, Khanvilkar, A.V.4 Bawaskar, M.S.5 and Bhokre S.M.6

Feeding Of Farm Animals During Scarcity
Fodder & Feeding
P. K. Singh* and Chandramoni

Camel Milk & Milk Products
Milk & Milk Products
Dr.Gorakh Mal & K.M.L.Pathak

Emerging pathogens in milk and milk products
Milk & Milk Products
Dr. E. Nanu

Functional foods of milk origin
Milk & Milk Products

Impact of liberalization on Dairy cooperatives of West Bengal
Points to Ponder
M. K. Mandal, Anita Roy Choudhary, K.K.Kalra, G. Das, B. Roy, S. Ghosh and S.Koley

‘Yuna-O’range – Naturally yours
Processing Technology
Rohit kumar Vohra